Come immerse yourself in the wilderness landscape of the Mountain and get on your yoga mat to look inside to rediscover your truest self!

With opportunities for yoga twice a day and plenty of time to explore the trails, we hope to glean practice cues from nature to guide the path of discovery. Foraging for edibles on the trails alongside a team of expert guides and artisan chefs is sure to awaken both your curiosity and appetite. On and off our mat the land invites us to explore and pursue what feeds us in the deepest, untamed ways. Our aim is to trade perfected and cultivated ways of living in pursuit of a more authentic experience - one rooted in curiosity and a sense of wonder.

Join me for this journey to the wild side of the Mountain!

Your Own Private National Park

Blackberry Mountain is a reflection of both the natural beauty of the land and a commitment to excellence in hospitality and experience.Spanning 5,200 acres in the Great Smoky Mountains, Blackberry Mountain continues a legacy of world-renowned hospitality and unwavering dedication and appreciation for the land. Rising above Miller’s Cove in Walland, TN, Blackberry Mountain has dedicated 2,800 acres of land to conservation.

This effort to preserve the natural wonder of the mountains offers breathtaking views and a serene escape from the stresses of modern life in a private national park setting. A commitment to land conservation and a passion for sharing the wonders of life in the Smokies shapes the unprecedented experience that awaits on Blackberry Mountain. Outfitted for adventure and designed for comfort, this estate takes the Blackberry State of Mind to new heights.

The 36-room dining- and adventure-focused resort is the long-awaited sister property of the beloved Blackberry Farm.


  • Guided yoga sessions with Amy

  • Forage the fields and trails of the Mountain alongside the Blackberry Mountain team.

  • Enjoy adventurous and mindful hikes. 


Yoga sessions will be designed for various levels, best suited to yoga enthusiasts with an intermediate knowledge and experience level. Hikes will range in intensity, traversing diverse mountain terrain. All activities are fully supported by the Blackberry Mountain Wellness and Adventure teams.


This curated experience is a journey for the mind and the body. Enjoy the energy and the peace of exploration, guided expertly at each step by Amy Ippoliti with support from the Blackberry Mountain team. Activities include yoga, foraging, hiking and specially curated group wellness-focused meals. Guests will receive a full agenda upon arrival.

Indulge in this unforgettable retreat & reserve your room while there is still space!

For more information about Blackberry Mountain check out their website.
If you have any questions for the retreat team, they can be reached at 800.993.7824