Join Amy for two informative and community loving workshops on Saturday August 31st at the Inaugural Breckenridge Yoga Festival

10-12pm: Set Yourself Free: The Psoas Unleashed

The psoas muscle is a big deal in yoga - it connects your legs to your spine! A portal to deep flexibility, power, and grace in your practice, this is one muscle you’ll want to get to know well in order to sustain a long term practice and gain more freedom in your body as you age.

After an enthusiastic anatomical overview of the psoas, Amy will help you align your psoas effectively in a flow of her favorite psoas-opening poses set to live music with Leon Joseph Littlebird. You will walk away feeling taller, lighter, stronger and feel like anything is possible.

3-5pm: Saprema: Yoga to Spark LOVE

The world needs more kindness.
The world needs more good friends.
The world needs champions for LOVE.

Saprema means “with loving remembrance” in Sanskrit. Come together and generate much needed love and generosity for your yourself and your community. With love and intention explore a combination heart and hip openers set to live music with Sandi Siegel. Walk away ready to serve and light up the world. Accompanied by Sandi Seagle.

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