Thank you for stopping by my website.  Some call me “Amysita” or “Love Muffin”, but Amy is just fine too. I’ve been a yogini since I was 16, I’m an earth advocate, a wanna-be cyclist, animal lover and I love to stand up paddle board.  My purpose is to help you turn up your volume through modern integrated yoga teachings, community, and increased awareness.

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Video: Thrilling Instead of Killing: Swimming with Whale Sharks & Manta Rays

On one of my trips to experience marine animals with marine conservationists, Taro Smith, Ph.D and Shawn Heinrichs, we found a place where former shark fishermen are now “thrilling instead of killing” by taking people like me out into the ocean to swim and interact with whale sharks and manta rays. It was an honor…Continue Reading »

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Eating on the Wild Side

  We all know that a big part of a yoga lifestyle is to eat well and follow the latest research in nutrition so we can live more vibrantly while respecting the earth. And when it comes to food and nutrition ideas, we’ve heard it all! We try to eat more plant based organic. We’ve…Continue Reading »

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Ego Bashing and Yoga, Is it Helping?

Yogis want to eradicate the Ego. A select few, but prominent, schools of yoga will tell you that one of the goals of yoga is to extinguish the ego and instead be as modest and unassuming as possible. I beg to differ. I call this view of the ego “ego bashing”. In spite of all…Continue Reading »

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Get Your ZEAL Back and Keep it This Time!

Happy New Year, dear friends! Like many of you, I took full advantage of the quiet solstice time to take a thorough look at my life. I’ve been investigating how I want to feel in the coming years, what truly matters and how to make the most of the precious time I have on this…Continue Reading »

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On the Bright Side of Disaster: Lessons from the Colorado Flood

The rain has finally ceased, the sun is out and there has never been more love and caring energy in Boulder. Being a mecca for spirituality and consciousness Boulderites understand non-attachment and yet trauma and loss does not magically go away because one lives in the “Boulder bubble”. Many lost everything. It will take time to…Continue Reading »

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In reality, what difference is there between a flower and our imagination? There is none truly, for the world is a living pulsation, and that pulsation is in everything.
— The Garland of Great Meaning (Translated by Douglas Brooks)