Thank you for stopping by my website.  Some call me “Amysita”, but Amy is just fine too. I’ve been a yogini since I was 16, I’m an earth advocate, health enthusiast, cyclist, and animal lover.  My purpose is to help you turn up your volume through modern integrated yoga teachings, community, and increased awareness. You can find my classes on YogaGlo and courses for yoga teachers at 90 Monkeys.

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What Do You Love about Daylight Saving?

I’ll never forget one October on the day of daylight saving that year, I had heard so many complaints about the dark afternoons, the shorter days, and the impending frigid winter, that I decided to pose the following question to my yoga students in class that night:“I know what you hate about it, but what…Continue Reading »

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Amy Ippoliti Leaper

Three Ways to Nurture Your Vitality Daily

Almost 12 years ago I discovered my first jars of Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Coconut Manna and with that deliciousness they certainly were not my last. Nutiva, one of my favorite superfood companies, recently adopted a statement that embodies their vision and mission. “Nurture Vitality”. In the spirit of embracing change and helping to…Continue Reading »

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How to Use Yoga Philosophy to Go From Victim to Victor

My student reminded me the other day that I once, as she put it, “went off” in teacher training on the concept of taking action, or in sanskrit, “Kriya Shakti”. Yeah, I tend to go off on things! Kriya shakti or action, asks the question: Are you practicing? Are you doing something daily to change…Continue Reading »

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Why Nature is Your Best Friend: My Trip to the Gaia Herbs Farm

Have you been in nature on a piece of land that tugs at that genuine spot inside you, beckoning you again to live according to your deepest truth? Every barefoot step on the earth, every sunrise, and every drop of dew reminds you to “live your dharma” (sacred purpose). I’ve been lucky in my life…Continue Reading »

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4 Ways to Use a Fit Ball in Your Yoga Practice

I love using a fit ball on the sticky mat. Mix up your yoga practice by bringing in a fun toy and experience even more benefits! 1. Handstand on the Ball Begin by laying your tummy down on the ball. Walk your hands forward until just your toes are on the ball. Plant your hands…Continue Reading »

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In reality, what difference is there between a flower and our imagination? There is none truly, for the world is a living pulsation, and that pulsation is in everything.
— The Garland of Great Meaning (Translated by Douglas Brooks)