Thank you for stopping by my website.  Some call me “Amysita”, but Amy is just fine too. I’ve been a yogini since I was 16, I’m an earth advocate, cyclist, animal lover, and I love to stand up paddle board.  My purpose is to help you turn up your volume through modern integrated yoga teachings, community, and increased awareness. You can find my classes on YogaGlo and courses for yoga teachers at 90 Monkeys.

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How to Get On Your Yoga Mat and Stick to It

I’m writing this because I need to hear it. With energy to give and technology to help me do things faster, I tend to say yes to everyone and everything until I’m up to me ears in deadlines and emails. Because I like to keep my word if I’ve made promises, and I don’t function…Continue Reading »

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Cleansing Autumn Green Juice

As most of you know, I love juicing. I juice every single morning because it keeps me energized and feels like good preventive medicine. I’ve written before about why juicing is so important, and it’s worth mentioning again! I read once that 98% of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are trapped inside the fiber capsules of the…Continue Reading »

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Digital Detox: Yogis Need to Unplug Too

You don’t need a supercomputer to recognize that huge chunks of our time are occupied by the stuff we do on our electronic devices. However, until I spent six internet and cellular free days in the mountains of northern New Mexico last week, I had not grasped precisely how much time I spend online. On a daily basis…Continue Reading »

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Vegan Cream of Delicata Squash Soup

On a brisk October day, I was doing some errands around Boulder and saw that the Farmer’s Market was having its final Wednesday of the season. On a whim, I bought a couple of delicata squash’s along with heaps of kale, broccoli, and other veggies. I have never tried making a puree of delicata squash…Continue Reading »

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Autumn Carrot Peanut Butter Smoothie

Are you one of those people who digs dipping carrot sticks into peanut butter? If so, you’ll enjoy this refreshing new smoothie I came up with after a visit to the farmers’ market where I found beautiful, succulent carrots, begging to be eaten. The recipe uses Wild Jungle Peanuts from the Amazon so you don’t…Continue Reading »

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In reality, what difference is there between a flower and our imagination? There is none truly, for the world is a living pulsation, and that pulsation is in everything.
— The Garland of Great Meaning (Translated by Douglas Brooks)