• 1440 Multiversity (map)
  • 800 Bethany Drive
  • Scotts Valley, CA, 95066
  • United States

Experience the irresistible yoga glow from the inside out and unlock the long-lasting health and vibrancy you seek.

Take time to retreat with Amy as she leads you through cleansing twists, expansive chest openers, inversions, deep hip openers, and pranayama (breathing exercises).

This weekend, harness yoga’s ancient wisdom to live a more radiantly healthy, happy, and meaningful life, and learn:

Beautiful location!

Beautiful location!

  • Specific yoga alignment cues to optimize your body’s systems
  • An asana flow to cleanse your body naturally
  • How to align your posture to increase circulation
  • Yoga poses that aid digestion
  • Fun, new poses to spark creativity
  • Which foods will help you stay healthy, have glowing skin, and increase your longevity
  • Therapeutic yoga for those with orthopedic issues
  • Practices to clear emotional and mental toxins and open you up to loving your life.

Practice alongside a community of people with similar dreams and goals and explore what makes you glow from the inside out—on and off the yoga mat.

You will leave with a fully polished body, mind, and spirit, having uncovered the secrets to radical health, happiness, and longevity.

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Watch this video about the vision behind 1440 Multi University, a brand new retreat center tucked into the gorgeous Redwoods of California: