Yoga in the Age of Botox: How to Teach Students with Body Image Challenges

Advanced teacher training can be cumbersome. We want to engage you with useable, meaningful, actionable education now. This week is one of many modular trainings in the 90 Monkeys Advanced Teacher Training Curriculum available in Boulder, CO and across the globe. For this important module, join Amy and Chelsea Roff in Boulder, CO at our cozy 90 Monkeys Studio!

This dynamic and intimate 12-hour training will give you the tools to stand out as a teacher who can effectively address body image challenges and eating disorders with empathy, skill, and cutting-edge knowledge.

Body image insecurities are rampant in today’s yoga culture. Detoxes, hot sweaty classes, and cosmetic fixes are becoming an industry norm. While yoga can be a powerful tool for building body confidence and self-esteem, the culture surrounding yoga often masks and even worsens food and body image issues.

Now more than ever we need yoga teachers who can inspire students to remember their worth, beauty, and greatness! In this timely and impactful teacher training, you’ll learn how to recognize and serve students with body image challenges, eating disorders, and self-loathing. 

You will:

  • Explore the spectrum of food and body image challenges, from undereating and overexercising to binge and emotional eating
  • Learn how to recognize warning signs in students with eating disorders and refer them to professional help
  • Master a formula for having “difficult conversations” with students you’re concerned about
  • Learn teaching strategies to create a safe space for students to drop in and connect with themselves emotionally
  • Expand your teaching repertoire with speaking skills that touch your student’s hearts and catalyze breakthroughs  
  • Recognize the ways you may unintentionally transmit negative body image messages to your students
  • Explore opportunities to incorporate yoga philosophies that encourage students to nourish themselves and love the skin they’re in
  • Become a model and leader for healthy eating, positive body image, radical self-acceptance.