The number one question I get is "WHAT do you do to have such amazing skin?"

You know what it is?

I've just been super consistent with a similar 4-5 step routine morning and night since I was 30 years old using products that are so natural you could eat them.

It all started when I booked my first ever facial at one of the spas where I taught yoga.

Up until that day, I thought of facials only as something older people had done, and didn't see much merit in spending that kind of money on high-end cleansers and moisturizers.

But I was turning 30, and thought maybe it might be time to start caring about my skin, so with an open mind, I gave it a try.

The products my esthetician used were all organic, bio-dynamic, and pretty much edible.

She explained that maintaining healthy skin could be achieved through a five step process:

1. Cleanse with a cream, oil, or facial cleanser (not soap!). I now use Pangea Organics Cleanser and also their Balancing Face Oil to cleanse, as explained in the video.

2. Apply a cream exfoliator and rinse. Do this daily if specified for daily use, if not alternate days. Do this step in the evenings. I now use Pangea Organics Facial Scrub.

3. Apply a toner mist (blot into skin with fingers or a cotton pad - I use reusable pads that I can put through the wash). I now use Pangea Organics Toner.

4. Apply serum and eye cream. I now use Pangea Organics Eye Cream and Balancing Face Oil as a serum.

5. Apply moisturizer or oil with reef safe sunscreen for daytime (reapply mid day especially if you are in intense sun/altitude); apply night cream or oil before bed. I now use Pangea Organics Balancing Face Oil.

After the facial was over I was stoned for about 3 hours! Something about the nourishment, aromatherapy, and pampering made me feel ecstatic.

It left such an impression that I was ready to do whatever my esthetician told me to do to get this feeling on a daily basis.

I invested in the cleanser, the serums, the mists, the moisturizers, the masks, the eye creams - and I haven't looked back since!

In this video I go right to the sink and walk you through these steps, (minus the serum, eye cream and sunscreen).

It may seem cumbersome to hit this many steps along the way, but the results are no joke!

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In addition to the daily routine:

  • Exfoliate with a Clarisonic 3x per week in place of step 2. If you don't have a Clarisonic, use a facial scrub.

  • Once a week, use a detoxifying, hydrating mask after you exfoliate. Weekends are a good time to fit this in. I use Pangea Organics Matcha Face Mask.

  • Get a monthly facial if possible (let the professionals do a deep cleanse, massage, and treat your skin; a good aesthetician can also help you find the right products for your skin type).

  • Considerations for a dry climate - Run a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep.

  • Remember, whatever you're doing to your face, you should also be doing to your neck!

  • For lip care, I find that most chapsticks and lip balms actually dry out my lips. There are only two I have found that keep me hydrated: Pangea Organics Lip Balms and Lip Tints and Alba Unpetroleum Jelly in a tube or their chapsticks - both are fantastic.

  • For your body, I highly recommend Pangea Organics Body Polish - I am pretty much obsessed with it!!


So all of that is what I do for my skin externally, but healthy skin is also about what you put in your body! Below are some ways I tackle the health of my skin from the inside out.

Internal Considerations for the Skin:

Drink tons of water - use a hydration calculator online to find out how much you need.

Take Omega 3’s - I like using a vegan fish oil equivalent by Premier Labs, called DHA. As I age, this supplement has made all the difference (not just for my skin, but for my hair, nails, and my memory)! When I am not taking it, my skin looks dry and less glowing. I take a high dose, but as always, check with your health care provider as to what amount is right for you.

Consume good fats such as coconut, coconut MCT oil, avocado, plenty of extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil, avocado oil, sprouted nuts, etc.

Eat high fiber - greens, resistant pre-biotic starches like green banana, artichoke, sun chokes, tiger nuts, fennel, endive, radicchio, and fiber supplements. These will help keep your beneficial gut bugs well fed and everything moving, which is great for the skin.

Eat foods rich in live probiotics like krauts, fermented foods, and kefir to help populate your gut with the good bugs! I can’t speak more highly of Fermenting Fairy, a company out of LA famous for their one of a kind vegan coconut milk kefir. This stuff has transformed my microbiome this year - I’m over the moon about it. And they ship! Use the code AMY15 for 15% off their delicious foods!

Cut back or eliminate dairy - Many people find that dairy products negatively affect their skin, likely due to the difficulty in digesting dairy. I've been dairy free most of my life.

There you have it! What do you do to keep that beautiful glow? Comment below and let's continue to share and spread the skin care love!