30 Day Yoga Challenge

Inspired by Amy, the 30 Day Yoga Challenge is a call-to-awesome. Each month we pick a yoga pose to practice on the daily for one month. We also include a daily, environmentally friendly challenge aimed at improving the environment.

We design these challenges to create great, new habits in your practice. Commit to experiencing a yoga pose on a deeper level, create a new success or health habit and do your part to help the planet thrive with one daily task. For 30 days, without fail, we challenge you!

Join this months challenge!

Send Us Your Yoga Pose Ideas and Eco-Friendly Tasks

We love to get ideas from our global community. If there’s a yoga pose you want to nail or an environmentally friendly task that would be great for the group to accomplish daily, join us on Facebook. Here you can also see how your fellow yogins are tackling the challenge, offer feedback on how you are owning a yoga pose or get tips from the kula.