Can you believe that daylight savings was yesterday?! I often hear that it can be hard to balance energy during this time as we begin the shift from the coolness of winter to the energizing brightness of spring.

I've designed this playlist on Glo so that you have a practice to energize you in the AM and another to help you wind down at night so you've got double the awesome-ness this week!

Give these classes a go and tell me how it felt!

P.S. This is a great playlist to keep in your back pocket for whenever your sleep cycle gets thrown off!

Day One

Good Morning, Beautiful! - 15 Minutes (Vinyasa Flow)

Quiet Down Before Sleep - 20 Minutes (Restorative)

Day Two

Wake Up & ROCK - 20 Minutes (Vinyasa Flow)

Seated, Supine, & Sleepy - 20 Minutes (Hatha)

Day Three

It's Gonna Be a Great Day - 30 Minutes (Vinyasa Flow)

Evening Simmer Down - 45 Minutes (Hatha)