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Enjoy classes with Amy from the comfort of your own living room on Glo!

The best way to practice with Amy online is to visit the Glo site, choose the duration of time you can invest to practice, the level of class, and read the titles and descriptions to get a feel for what moves you! To make it easier for you, here is a curated selection of her classes to choose from:


First Steps with Yoga
Start your yoga practice with Amy in these introductory level 1 classes.

Trikonasana Tutorial - Hatha (10 Minutes)
Downward Facing Dog Tutorial - Hatha (10 Minutes)
Work Out the Kinks - Vinyasa Flow (20 Minutes)
Yummy Basic Flow - Vinyasa Flow (30 Minutes)
Morning Oil for Tin Men & Women - Hatha (10 Minutes)
Restorative Lower Back Boost - Restorative (10 Minutes)

Beyond the Basics
You’ve got the basics - now start to go deeper in your poses with these level 1 and 1-2 classes.

  • Level 1

Spring Fever - Vinyasa Flow (20 Minutes)
Continuous Hamstring Flow - Vinyasa Flow (30 Minutes)
Neck & Shoulder Elixir - Hatha (15 Minutes)
Hippy Quickie - Hatha (30 Minutes)
7 Days to Total Flexibility - Hatha Program (7 Days - 30 Minutes Each)

  • Level 1-2

Strong and Open Hips & Hammies - Vinyasa Flow (30 Minutes)
Ain’t Nobody Happy Until Your Lower Back is Happy - Hatha (30 Minutes)
Appreciation Flow - Vinyasa Flow (45 Minutes)
Amy’s Anytime Refresher - Vinyasa Flow (20 Minutes)
Find Your Way Back Into Yoga - Hatha (30 Minutes)
Yoga for a Great Attitude - Vinyasa Flow (60 Minutes)
Longer Oil for Tin Men & Women - Hatha (45 Minutes)
Buff Glutes & Hammies - Vinyasa Flow (20 Minutes)
Thaw Out Your Shoulders & Hips - Hatha (60 Minutes)
Reinvent Your Wheel - Hatha Program (3 Classes - 30 Minutes Each)


Flow and Glow

Find grace and strength in your physical practice with these level 2 vinyasa flow classes.

Bliss Blast (10 Minutes)
Wake Up & ROCK (20 Minutes) 
Release Stress, Build Strength & Stamina (30 Minutes) 
Tried and True Flow (30 Minutes) 
Juicy Flow (45 Minutes) 
Start Me Up! (45 Minutes)
Core Defining Flow (60 Minutes)
Lighten Up - 60 Minutes

Alignment and Form
Elevate and refine your physical practice with these level 2 workshop style Hatha classes.

You Are Irresistible (60 Minutes)
Earth and Water Practice (75 Minutes)
Durable Lower Body - Hatha (60 Minutes)

Go the Distance
These challenging but rewarding practices are a mixture of level 2-3 and 3 classes.

  • Level 2-3

Upside Down Flying Machine - Vinyasa Flow (20 Minutes)
Wild Thing Flow - Vinyasa Flow (30 Minutes)
Mermaid Pose Tutorial - Hatha (30 Minutes)
Yoga Frolic - Hatha (45 Minutes)
All of Me Arm Balances - Vinyasa Flow (60 Minutes)
Strong Flow for Confidence and Energy - Vinyasa Flow (60 Minutes)
Fiery Winter Flow - Vinyasa Flow (60 Minutes)
Gnarly Little Flow - Vinyasa Flow (60 Minutes)

  • Level 3

Explore Your Beliefs - Vinyasa Flow (60 Minutes)

Find a balance between the physical and spiritual in these mixed level classes incorporating Tantric yoga philosophy.

Yoga for the Sharp Mind - Vinyasa Flow, Level 2 (60 Minutes)
Yoga for Awesomeness - Vinyasa Flow, Level 2 (60 Minutes)
The Fullness of Time - Vinyasa Flow, Level 2 (75 Minutes)
Freedom Flow - Vinyasa Flow, Level 2/3 (60 Minutes)
All In This Together - Vinyasa Flow, Level 2 (45 Minutes)

Meditation & Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)

Set a Positive Tone for Your Entire Day (15 Minutes)
Meditation For an Upside Down World (5 Minutes)
Pranayama Hit: Ujjayi and Viloma (10 Minutes)
Meditation Nugget (5 Minutes)
Pranayama Hit: Ujjayi and Nadi Shodhana  (10 Minutes)
Before-Bed Meditation (10 Minutes)