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  • Unit 5, Block 4, Burnell Green
  • Northern Cross, Malahide Road, Dublin 17
  • Ireland

I'm returning to Dublin in 2019 for TWO back to back advanced teacher training opportunities!

Innovative Teaching Methodology: The Art of Teaching Alignment & Flow 
with Amy Ippoliti in Dublin, Ireland (27hrs)


“I want to help inspire people and really see my students, but I just don’t have the confidence or skills I need to be that teacher.”

“I know how important alignment is, but I don’t trust myself to articulate it without slowing my classes down.”

“I know I need feedback on my teaching but it’s so hard to get the right input from seasoned teachers!”

“Am I even meant to be doing this? I feel like a fraud. As hard as I’m working, my class attendance is still so low – it’s really hard to stand out in a crowded market.”


We all know that life has only gotten busier, and captivating your yoga student’s attention (so they’ll consistently benefit from your classes) is becoming increasingly challenging.

If you’re one of the many yoga teachers leading ‘vinyasa flow’ classes, standing out in your community as a leader is becoming exhausting.

No matter how sincere and good-intentioned you are, one of the most important skills you can have as a yoga teacher to be able to stand apart is this:


If you’re not there yet, and you want to be – YOU are the reason I created these Innovative Teaching Methodology modules in our 500 Hour Teacher Training program!

Teaching yoga is truly an art form in itself. To become accomplished and adept as a teacher requires, consistent dedicated study, contemplation, feedback, and refinement.

The Innovative Teaching Methodology Modules are designed to engage you with meaningful and actionable education now! In Innovative Teaching Methodology: The Art of Theming,  you will learn how to take the 90 Monkeys heart-centered and alignment-based approach to teaching yoga and elevate your current teaching skills.

This training will give you a complete overview and in-depth exploration of Amy’s techniques for teaching asana with an emphasis on theming and the use of heart centered language. This dynamic and intimate 4-day training is dedicated to the art form of teaching alignment-based vinyasa yoga and connecting you with a group of experienced teachers from around the globe!

Modules are designed for graduates of 200-hour teacher trainings – This is an opportunity to bring your questions from working in the field, to go deeper into the strategies and techniques that create great yoga teachers, and to help you stand out in a crowded market!

You will learn:

  • Discover the world of theme integration and how to bring yoga philosophy into your teaching and make it relevant to the 21st century
  • Learn time-tested strategies to adapt your sequences to mixed level classes.
  • Master clear verbal articulation & improve the clarity of your placement instructions.
  • Make use of extensive peer teaching exercises to expand your creativity, charisma, & presence with constructive feedback from Amy & peers.
  • Refine your observation skills in the classroom while learning how to see & help students into healthy alignment.
  • Get your specific, burning questions about teaching & theming answered.

Join a warm, sophisticated group of experienced teachers in Dublin, Ireland and allow Amy to help you take your teaching to a whole new level!

As with all modules in the 90 Monkeys Advanced Teacher Training Curriculum, this topic will be explored through a career and business lens in order to help you shine as a knowledgeable yoga teacher!

What’s Included:
• Full Training
• Detailed Training Manual
• Healthy Snacks
• 27 Contact Hours

This training also counts toward 90 Monkeys’ Advanced 500 Hour Teacher Training Certification

Hot Yoga Dublin
4, Burnell Green, Malahide Rd, Northern Cross, Dublin 17
Dublin, Ireland

Daily Schedule*
Wednesday – Friday
9:00 am – 1:00 pm
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm
9:00 am – 1:30 pm

*Example Schedule to be updated soon

Be a graduate of a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

We expect this intensive to fill quickly, so please enroll at your earliest convenience to save your spot. Due to space constraints, no refunds of tuition can be made, therefore please make sure your schedule is clear before enrolling.


$495 Early Registration if enrolled before midnight, February 28th

$545 Regular Tuition

Sign up for BOTH Dublin Training Modules for $840
April 5th-8th
Hands On Assisting
April 10th-13th
Innovative Teaching Methodology: The Art of Theming Alignment & Flow

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