• Snowshoe Mountain Resort, Snowshoe, WV
  • USA

Wanderlust brings together a remarkable group of yoga and meditation teachers, musical performers, speakers, artists and chefs for a transformational retreat at the Mountain Resort in Snowshoe, WV. This is an experience that will get into your mind, body and soul. 

Regardless of what starts you on your path, Wanderlust is an experience that will leave you different than when you came — with new ideas, new friends, newly-discovered abilities, and greater peace. Find your true north.

Join Amy in Snowshoe West Virginia for a weekend full of amazing workshops! All her classes will be assisted by her 90 Monkeys teacher training graduates.

Bonus! Amy will be accompanied musically by Kevin Paris and DJ Taz in select classes.

Friday June 9th
8am - 9:30am
Saprema: Yoga to Spark LOVE

2pm - 4pm
Hands-On Assists for Yoga Teachers

Saturday June 10th
10am - 11:30am
Flip the Grip: Learn to Approach Hand-to-Foot Backbends

4pm - 5:30pm
Alignment Basics for a Happy Lower Back

Sunday June 11th
10am - 11:30am
Hip Opening Earth Flow

2pm - 3:30pm
Dhvani: The Soul of an Experience

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