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90 Monkeys 200 Hour Teacher Training

The 200 Hour Teacher Training is the heart and soul of the 90 Monkeys teacher curriculum. It is here where new students and veteran teachers seeking to explore the profound teachings of yoga, cultivate a lifelong path of self-discovery. It is here where they can learn the skills needed to become a force for positive transformation begin their journey.

The backbone of this immersive program is the dynamic wisdom and innovative teaching methods of 90 Monkeys co-founder, Amy Ippoliti, cultivated from her 30+ years of study in yoga.

Students from around the globe looking for an elevated training experience have consistently turned to our 200 hour program for its incredible depth that far exceeds current industry standards.

We take pride in the richness of our curriculum. It empowers our students to develop their own, unique relationship to the vast teachings of yoga, and to speak and teach from that authentic place. Through uncompromising commitment to skillfully teaching the extraordinary practices of yoga in a “down-to-earth” way, this program further invites our students into a deeper relationship with themselves and their own potential.

Amy’s vast experience and success teaching yoga has helped countless others learn the skills needed to better serve their communities while increasing their confidence, organization, and business acumen.

At 90 Monkeys, we believe that through a world-class education, grounded in the wisdom of experienced teachers and a sense of empowered professionalism and self-inquiry, a yoga teacher can change the world.

This training will combine studies in:

  • Alignment-based vinyasa yoga
  • Anatomy
  • Lifestyle and well-being
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Pranayama & meditation
  • Foundations for teaching yoga
  • Professionalism & right livelihood
  • Teaching methodology
  • And so much more!

If this is your first teacher training program, we are so excited to welcome you into the world of yoga! This training will immerse you in yoga and build an extraordinary foundation for both teaching and practicing, nurtured by Amy and the assistant faculty.

If you have already graduated from another 200-hour program, we encourage you to apply! Continuing education will help you augment and diversify your training background and work closely under Amy’s guidance. Taking this 200-hour training will also give you a high standing for apprenticeship opportunities in the future.

90 Monkeys is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance. Graduates of this program will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 Level.

Amy Ippoliti, E-RYT 500, Principal
Manorama, Sanskrit Alphabet, Sound & Chanting
Carole Westerman, E-RYT 500, Pre-Natal Yoga
Joey Gottlieb, RYT-200, Anatomy and Kinesiology
Tara Michelle, E-RYT 500, Assistant Faculty

July 13 – August 13, 2016

Yoga Teacher Training Format
This training will take place over the course of one month in beautiful Boulder, CO, allowing for intensive learning with scheduled days off to enjoy the mountains and summer sun. Both morning and afternoon sessions will be crafted with a mix of topics to keep you engaged.

Amy will be assigning a reading list and preparatory practices to those enrolled to dive into in the months leading up to the training.

9:00-1:00pm and 2:00-5:30pm daily,
with Sundays and Mondays off.

$3,200 Regular Enrollment (paid in full before June 1)
$3,500 Late Enrollment (paid in full after June 1)

Upon acceptance a $500 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your space in the training until the ‘paid in full’ due date.

Tuition includes all in person instruction, select required reading, the 90 Monkeys training manual, natural foods welcome dinner, a welcome gift bag, and occasional snacks. This price does not include housing and meals. Most people stay together in home rentals so they can cook their own food each day.


Students must apply in order to be accepted into the training. For acceptance students need to have:

  • A solid 2-5 year practice in yoga
  • A willingness to receive feedback, laugh at yourself, and grow as a person
  • An appreciation of details, precision, and high standards for yoga

We hope to select a group with balanced interests and talents: yoga and life experience, academic background, philosophical beliefs, etc. Therefore, be sure to detail your strengths, limitations, interests, academic credentials, and other information you feel we should know when you fill out your application.

Again, this training is suitable for those who are becoming a yoga teacher as well as veterans who want to add Amy’s distinct teaching tools to their repertoire.

Here is how it works…

  • Applications will be evaluated on a first come first served basis.
  • Since the amount of applications received will be higher than the amount of spots available in the training, please be patient as we review.
  • Amy and the 90 Monkeys team reads each application carefully to make sure a diverse group will be represented at the training.
  • The training is limited to only 30 students and will be filled by accepted students in the order they have applied.
  • Applications received after the course is filled will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Upon acceptance a $500 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your space in the training until the ‘paid in full’ due date.
  • Upon receiving payment in full, 90 Monkeys will send you the suggested reading list and preparatory writing and practice exercises.

Coming from out of town?
The 90-Monkeys-Travel-Logistics-Information packet contains information on travel, accommodation options, and good eats while enjoying your stay in Boulder, CO.

We strongly recommend using the service, Airbnb.com, Craigslist.com, or Housinghelpers.com to find a month-long homestay in Boulder at a bulk rate, with options to rent a shared or private dwelling, some within walking distance of the studio. Some hosts even give you use of their cruiser bikes so even a car is not necessary. You will also be able to rent bikes at a great price for the month from Boulder Cycle Sport.

We will do our best to connect you with local yogis who might be willing to host you in their homes for a nominal fee or for free, as well as connecting you with other students in the training who are looking for shared living arrangements. Please email amy@90monkeys.com if you need assistance.

This training is for you if:
Your primary desire is to learn, study, practice, and be curious about yoga, while also gaining the skills to teach knowledgeably and professionally.

This training is not for you if:
Your primary interest in getting the 200 hour credential so that you or add it to your resume, i.e., if it’s just about getting a certificate.


Compliments from past graduates:

This training was the best experience of my life. Yoga with Amy has changed my outlook on life. I am much happier than I was before.”
~ Satomi Fujii, MD

Training with Amy has been one of the most fulfilling, empowering and uplifting experiences of my life. I’ve learned how to have a deeper conversation with my body – one that is healthy, sustainable and uplifting. Amy exudes absolute passion, joy and deep knowledge of yoga and so she naturally passes this on to her students. As a yoga teacher, I feel inspired and confident because I now have the tools to empower my students on and off the mat.
~ Sarah Diedrick, USA, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach

Thank you for a truly transformative teacher training experience in Boulder. Each day was gift. Amy’s dedication and commitment to excellence and leadership in instruction was visible every day. She led by example and cultivated a group of trainees who embraced the challenges and intensity of a 5 week training with open hearts. I am grateful to have been included in this adventure of learning!
~ Elizabeth Gross, USA, Retired School Administrator

This teacher Training is transformational on so many levels. I not only learned practical skills for teaching, I also shed behavior and attitudes that were holding me back from being my most authentic self. Amy created such a safe space for all of us to learn, make mistakes, laugh, and grow as teachers and as a group.
~ Rachel Klapper, USA, Yoga and Dance Teacher

Amy is one of the most masterful teachers under whom I’ve have been blessed and honored to study. She teaches the depths and intricacies of yoga with timely pace, the passionate gusto of a true leader, and the knowledge and expertise of a modern day sage.
~ David Newbery, Switzerland, Yoga Teacher & Entrepreneur

Amy’s TT gave me the momentum I needed to go to the next level. She helped me to get unstuck in places I didn’t realize I was stuck. Amy didn’t just tell me “anything is possible”, she helped me find the tools to grow as a teacher and as a human being.
~ Patrick Montgomery, USA, Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer

About Boulder, Colorado

90 Monkeys is fortunate to call Boulder, Colorado, our hometown. The charm of Boulder is that it is at once deeply familiar and peculiar, a combination of warm, connected community and cutting edge scholarship and progressive living. You’ll find everything from Buddhist centers and delightful, nutritious restaurants (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free – it’s all here!), to cozy coffee shops and funky consignment stores.

Founded in the mid-nineteenth century, Boulder was a settlement for the many miners traveling west in search of gold. Boulder continued to grow as the mining industry became established and more people passed through on their way to the West Coast. The early 20th century saw an expansion of tourism for those coming West to enjoy the stunning Rocky Mountain scenery visible from everywhere you look. Later, in the 1960’s and 70’s, this same natural beauty became a draw to the counterculture movements of the time. Currently, Boulder has a population of 105,000+.

Boulder is home to the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder), founded in 1877, as well as Naropa University, a pioneering university integrating Buddhist practices into traditional academia. Due the high population of Buddhist scholars and practitioners, Boulder has become a major center of alternative living and learning. Many people in Boulder have advanced degrees and use their knowledge to create wonderful enterprises in the town. Our co-founder, Taro Smith, completed his doctorate at CU Boulder!

Seated at the base of the Flatirons Mountain Range, outdoor recreation permeates almost every aspect of the Boulder lifestyle. Boulder also gets 300 sunny days a year, so it’s almost always a great time to get outside! There are hiking trails right off of the downtown area, great cycling in the canyons (or flat areas!), beautiful lakes and rivers, and winter skiing and snowboarding just 40 minutes out of town. Because many residents are so active, there is a huge variety of yoga, bodywork, and alternative medicine in town. This combination has lead to Boulder being named the healthiest town in the United States.

If you practice or teach yoga and love the lifestyle that comes with it, it’s practically guaranteed you will meet many like-minded people here in Boulder.