90 Minutes to Change the World UNPLUGGED – A Teacher Training Unlike Any Other!

Where: Shine Boulder

When: Aug 10 - Aug 12, 2012

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Our Faculty & Guest Experts

Amy Ippoliti

New York City transplant, Amy travels the globe extensively helping people bridge the gap between ancient yoga wisdom and modern day life. She believes everyone has the capacity to “turn up their own volume.” Amy is a pioneer for advanced yoga education and the founder of “90 Minutes to Change the WorldTM”, a professional development program that has enhanced the teaching and career skills of over 1000 yoga teachers worldwide. She has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal and Fit Yoga Magazine, as well as inside numerous publications including Yoga International, Yoga Journal, Self, New York Magazine, Yogini Magazine (Japan), Allure (Korea), and Elephant Journal. Amy is a faculty member at the Omega Institute and Kripalu. Since the age of 14 Amy has championed all forms of eco-consciousness, rainforest and marine conservation, and animals everywhere.



Taro Smith, Ph.D.

Taro is a scientist, athlete, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has participated in the formation, development, and funding of several start-ups in the wellness, fitness and lifestyle industries. With his chain of medical/wellness centers and in research collaboration with the University of Colorado, he was instrumental in bringing exercise prescriptions into healthcare as a standard of care in aging and chronic disease. A certified yoga teacher, he is the main business consultant for 90 Minutes to Change the World and has helped formulate a proven path to success for yoga teachers. Why does this matter to YOU? Taro will mobilize you toward a proven path to success for your yoga teaching.


Jessica Boylston-Fagonde (aka: Jess)

Jess of Brand Thyself empowers and guides yoga teachers to dig deep into the heart of their offering by extracting the essence of a teacher’s purpose and mission. She brings a unique approach to branding that’s packed with wisdom and clarity to help teachers tap into a fuller understanding of who are you, what do you have to offer, and how is it uniquely different as a teacher. Jess offers 1-on-1 sessions, an online course called Archeological Dig to Your Heart, and guest speaks at yoga events, workshops, and teacher trainings. She is the founder and creative director of RuConcept and RuYoga Design, and has been serving the yoga community with brand identity solutions since 2005. To learn more about her work, visit BrandThyself.com.


Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis is a “Dharma Brat,” or second generation Buddhist. Founder of elephantjournal.com and host of the Top 10 US Green Video Series “Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis,” he’s interviewed Seane Corn, Bill McKibben, Alice Walker, Michael Franti, Deepak Chopra, Michael Pollan, Amy Goodman, Chris Sharma, Terry Tempest Williams, Dr. Andrew Weil and hundreds of others. Named Treehugger’s Eco Ambassador & Changemaker, Discovery Network’s “Green Hero,” “Prominent Buddhist” by Shambhala Sun, Greatist’s 100 Influential People in Health & Fitness, & 5280′s Top Denver Single, Waylon is a mediocre climber, lazy yogi & 365-day bicycle commuter. His first book, Eco Boy vs. Yoga Girl, is scheduled for Fall 2012. For more: @elephantjournal (top #green on twitter nationally two years running). Facebook.com/elephantjournal