90 Minutes to Change the World UNPLUGGED – A Teacher Training Unlike Any Other!

Where: Shine Boulder

When: Aug 10 - Aug 12, 2012

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90 Minutes to Change the World UNPLUGGED – A Teacher Training Unlike Any Other!

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Yoga Teaching is a Profession. Be Excellent.

90 Minutes to Change the World Unplugged – A Teacher Training Unlike Any Other!
with Amy Ippoliti, Dr. Taro Smith, Waylon Lewis and Jessica Boylston-Fagonde

We spend thousands of dollars to become yoga teachers yet we spend
years after years trying to eek out a living. This year proves to be a challenging one in the yoga
industry as huge changes abound.

Join us for our live event specifically addressing the problems that impact every yoga studio and
teacher. Based on our global 90 Minutes to Change the World program…this course is designed
to give you the tools to make a difference in your yoga business, get abundantly clear on your
mission, better serve your students, and help change the world!

Teaching yoga is an art form, a profession, an academic pursuit and a personal adventure. Some
treat it like a hobby whereas others treat it as a lifestyle. No matter what size group you’d like to
have in the classroom, what we all have in common is the desire to teach our students
exceptionally well, give them a meaningful experience, stay balanced in our own lives, avoid
burnout, and be able to earn a reasonable living.

Amy and her team have dedicated years to helping thousands of yoga teachers and studio
owners. We approach having a yoga business as a worthwhile and fulfilling endeavor while
encouraging more and more people to try yoga and get on the mat!

The Fall is considered the “New Year” of the yoga world…in this intimate, long weekend urban
retreat, get yourself poised and equipped with the tools you need to start the fall yoga season
with GUSTO!

What You’ll get from 90 Minutes to Change the World UNPLUGGED:


10-12:30 Sessions
12:30-1:30pm Lunch
3-5pm Sessions

10-12:30am Sessions
12:30-1:30pm Lunch
3-5pm Sessions

9-12 Sessions
12-1:30 Lunch

Shine Gathering Space — 2027 13th Street  Boulder, CO 80302 Phone: 303-449-0120

$449 – Includes all sessions, and daily organic lunch at Shine Restaurant

A little bit about your daily lunch from Shine Restaurant
The food at Shine is made from the heart and is good for the heart! Not only are local organic ingredients used including meats, fish, veggies and grains but they also bring nourishment to the food through things like soaking grains before cooking for optimal assimilation, sprouting, fermenting, making homemade healing broths, all from scratch using quality ingredients. The oils and salts used are of highest nutritional quality. Enjoy fresh pressed green juices too (priced separately)!

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To learn more on Amy’s online course and join the 90Yoga online community, check out  90 Minutes to Change the World Signature Course.

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