90 Minutes to Change the World LIVE Signature Online Course

Where: Online

When: Oct 16 - Nov 15, 2012

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Breakthrough Results

Praise from our Graduates

Our greatest joy comes from knowing that our graduates are getting the results they crave as yoga teachers. Nothing is more rewarding. These results are a dream come true – because we know that ultimately yoga students in the world are benefiting as a result of our great graduate teachers!

It is not a coincidence that the numbers in my classes grew even just after signing up for the class! 90 Minutes is an oasis of inspiration and encouragement for local teachers needing to fill up their own well! Thank you Amy!” ~ Jenny Clarke

“My confidence sky rocketed and I was even invited to do a workshop out of town. 90 minutes to change the world changed my life. I am recommending it to everyone I know.” ~Dianne Bondy

I am over the moon & deeply inspired by the content Amy Ippoliti has to offer. Such a bright spirit with an amazing offering” ~Alex Mazerolle

“Amy’s really mapped out this territory very astutely, and she’s a wonderful, generous teacher. She’s really grounded in win/win, and her vision has great integrity, and she’s offering this course because she really believes in empowering others to give their gifts ABUNDANTLY!” ~ Lauren Worsh

It will increase your class sizes.” ~ 90 MTCTW Graduate

“If you are new to teaching, this course will expedite what it took a couple of years for me to figure out on my own.” ~ 90 MTCTW Graduate

High-value, low-cost support to encourage and give you the skills to upgrade your local teaching.” ~ Ellin Todd

Thank you!  Please keep up the great work.  Amy’s courses have been such a blessing for me as an American living abroad.  It is difficult to get to quality yoga events in English very often.  I love this. ~ Laurie Hogie, Studio Owner, Germany

Amy’s “90 Minutes to Change the World” boosted my confidence as an instructor and ignited my yoga classes and studio.  Three weeks into the course, my lofty vision of a packed studio became a reality and for the first time ever, I had so many mats that I didn’t know what to do with them!  Amy stretched my imagination as to what I am capable of while offering grounded and helpful insight and advise.  Since the course, my studio has continued to grow.  My energy is high, my students are happy and more than ever, I love being a yoga teacher! ~ Annie Jacob, Certified Yoga Instructor & Owner of The YogaTonic, Salida, CO

“This teacher training is so unique because while we were provided with more tools on how to be a great teacher, we really learn how to create a stable foundation for ourselves as a business. This is something we never learn in teacher trainings. This course has changed my life! Thank you so much Amy for creating this amazing way for teachers to learn from you, share ideas with each other, and uplift one another so that we may all succeed as we serve our communities.” ~ Shannon Lynch

“Amazing! My noon class in the city has been inconsistent for months, today after a long weekend of total play and super inspired practices, I had three times as many people as last week! Thanks for all the support!” ~ Jana Kilgore

Having a connection to so many teachers and sharing ideas is so inspiring! Also Amy’s experience as well as having a guest teacher gave us a wellspring of ideas, information and resources. It also helped to reaffirm the things I was already doing optimally.” ~ Monica Muniz

“90 Minutes offers great encouragement to think strategically about your teaching — the community among the teachers in the program is invaluable.” ~ 90 MTCTW Graduate

“You will find practical information on how to become a better teacher that has nothing to do with asana or alignment. You will learn how to set up a successful ‘business.’ Yoga teachers are usually good at teaching. They need advice on how to manage and market their profession. This is the type of information someone can get out of this seminar.” ~ Roula Lempetli

“90MCTW is a cutting edge tool for yoga teachers worldwide to connect with their peers, share ideas and answers to problems. Amy is a clear and skilled trainer who provides consistent and thoughtful support, materials and resources. The best yoga teacher training you can have from your own home!” ~ Ellin Todd

“I highly recommend this fabulous class to veteran yoga teachers, newer yoga teachers and teachers looking to reboot their enthusiasm for teaching any lineage of yoga. Amy gives yoga instructors practical and detailed business advice as a foundation, then adds excellent and up-to-date tips on marketing yourself in the digital age.  Most notably, Amy teaches you how to access the most important asset of your yoga teaching business: how to tap into your ability to inspire your students and sustain that inspiration. Like nothing else out there, 90 Minutes teaches you to align with your own vision and wisdom as a teacher.” ~ Elise Marie Collins, author and yoga teacher

I was really skeptical but so glad I took the class. I really enjoyed Amy’s enthusiasm. She does an excellent job conveying that via webinar. The use of the template and the discussion of class planning has cleared up a lot of confusion on my part. Thank you so much!!” ~ Angela Nisley

“Its amazing. You will learn things you never knew were important and that nobody else talks about.” ~ Margunn Aguilar

My numbers have increased by 30%. I have the highest student retention rate at the studios I work with. Students now follow me from studio to studio and bring their friends, family and co-workers to class more frequently. My privates have increased and within them my re-bookings are more frequent.” ~ Ally Morrison

“I felt like such a superhero at my first class at a new studio! I was super prepared using Amy’s template! It helped me really bring my theme through with a bang! Multiple people told me how inspiring class was!!! Woohoo!!!” ~ Robyn Miller Capobianco

“After taking the webinar I’ve shined up my ‘seat of the teacher.’ I’m feeling fresh and energized about my teaching.” ~ Laura Winholt, certified yoga teacher

“During and after the webinar, I tapped into new territory for me. The gems of weaving it all together have become much more vibrant. Contemplative on so many different levels … knowing that by sharing my contemplations in order to own them, so to speak, creates the ultimate container for my themes. My class this morning more than doubled the amount of students compared to last week. Thank you, Amy and company for being such great leaders and teachers.” ~ Sarah Higgins

“Amy, thank you for so truly and purely sharing all of your knowledge and wisdom with us! :)” ~ Lindsay Gibson

The program was professional and packed with great information that can be used for years to come. On top of that it was fun and engaging! The course was an invaluable resource that I will use for years to come. It has moved me from burn out (and okay I’ll just say it, boredom) to a new sense of inspiration that feels sustainable through the tools Amy has given us. She is so fun, engaging and delightful, the time flies by!” ~ Heather Huck

90 Minutes to Change the World was excellent! I got answers to real life issues yoga teachers do have to face, financial management, marketing, relationship management!!! Stuff I couldn’t get in all the other trainings I have done so far! Thank you for the immediate feedback and help, Amy!” ~ Nefeli Makri BSc, MSc, RYT Yogalife owner, Greece

As I transition from teaching yoga on the side to teaching yoga as a career, this course gave me just the information I needed to get organized from a business perspective. Thank you, Amy, for all of your terrific insight.” ~ Sara Neufeld

90MTCTW helped create a sense of support to me as a local teacher with the wisdom and support of an international community right in my home! I like the electronic tools and the fact that they are available even after the training is over. Thanks, Amy!” ~ Vivian Bell

“If you are looking to improve your teaching skills and to take yourself to another level, this is the course for you!” ~ Gabriela Beston

This course will inspire you to put yourself out there and become a better organized, more confident yoga teacher.” ~ Course Graduate

“I just want to share the  tremendous development I have been through since 90 Minutes to Change the World: from working part-time as a yoga teacher teaching three classes a week and part-time in another job, to today where I work full-time as a yoga teacher with approximately 70 students participating in my classes every week! I suddenly find myself in such a juicy and rich life. Now I´m able to pay my rent, participate in exciting workshops and treat myself with nice things I couldn´t do before. I´ve got both money and time! Amy, with help from your skilled and experienced background, you pinpointed very important factors when working as a yoga teacher and I´m very grateful for that. Love to you and to this amazing group that has also been so supporting and nourishing for me in this time!” – Linnea Jensen

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