I’ll never forget one October on the day of daylight saving that year, I had heard so many complaints about the dark afternoons, the shorter days, and the impending frigid winter, that I decided to pose the following question to my yoga students in class that night:“I know what you hate about it, but what do you love about daylight saving?”

I handed them a pen and paper and asked them to write it down.

Everyone read their paper aloud.

The students shared various lovely things like:

“We get to drink hot cocoa!” “Snuggle time on the couch with a good book” “Scarves and boots” “Fall Clothes” “Pumpkin pie”

And then from the very back, a student in her 50’s....

“Making Love!!!!”

As you can imagine, the whole class lit up with laughter.

So this month, I hope you’re all contemplating what is good about daylight saving!

What’s to like?

  1. This video, for one:
  2. The days are shorter, yes, but think about the power and potential that lies in the dark. For eg. a baby grows and develops in the dark of the womb, the night restores us for the day, and it’s often in our darkest moments that great dreams are born!
  3. Ski season is near.
  4. You can start partying earlier!
  5. You don’t have to feel guilty about doing your yoga practice indoors when it’s light out, because it probably isn’t this time of year!

Anything good we're missing? Leave a comment with your favorite things about daylight saving.

Photo Credit: Bergreen Photography