Fresh Cucumber Fennel Mint JuiceThis is a sophisticated deliciously sweet green juice that my friend Tina came up with.  It is particularly alkalizing because it needs no fruit, which can be high in sugar when juiced. Great anytime, and especially lovely as an afternoon pick me up and perfect for summer when fresh mint and parsley are abundantly growing. For additional tips, factoids and tricks on juicing, read this entry.

Ingredients: 2 large cucumbers 3 Handfuls of baby spinach 1 bulb of fennel including stalks Handful parsley to taste Handful fresh mint with stems to taste

Put fennel into the juicer and plunge.  Put a cucumber in with out plunging and fill the space around it with the baby spinach, then plunge.  Do the same with the second cucumber and the parsley and mint. This way the leafier greens gets juiced rather than spun through the juicer.  Serve on ice and use a fresh mint garnish for bonus points.

Enjoy and be radiantly healthy!