Ever had a CRAP day and feel like life is:

  • not worth living
  • is too hard, sucks
  • you can't go on like this
  • or just WTF?

But somewhere down there you know it will get better?  Maybe in one breath things could change, but it might take until tomorrow...

THAT you know it will get better is a feature of YOGA or having a yoga practice. We just know that some days are bad and some are great, just as we know some practice days are awesome and some just fall flat.

I had a day like that on Sunday.  I was full on with my cycle and had not slept well with the full moon, I was feeling heinous, and on top of it, despite uber hydration efforts here in Colorado, developed possibly the worst case of chapped lips in my entire life, (caused by natural lip balm of all things).

In that state I was unproductive and feeling anxious and....quite a bit sorry for myself.

On days like those, its almost like there is no other choice but to do something, anything to take care of myself.  There is also no other choice but to let go of productivity and get on the couch with a movie and be the vegetable I so desperately need to be.

And so I did.

I took a hot bath, climbed in bed with a movie, cranked up the humidifier, loaded up my lips with goo, and called it a day.

The result?

Monday was damn good.  I woke up on the right side of the bed, well rested, psyched for life, my lips are healed (thank you un-petroleum jelly!), I was down-right giddy, and my productivity is back!

Even though depressing days can be a drag - the revelation of my fab Monday was so much more enjoyable precisely because my day before was so lousy.  I'm kind of glad I had a crappy day.

So if you happen to find yourself depressed or bumming about your day here is a little how-to to go get yourself a better tomorrow!

How to's for Creating a Funk Free Day:

  • Stop trying to get things done
  • Take a hot bath
  • Put on comfy clothes
  • Pop in a movie and vegetate
  • Decide that tomorrow is going to be better
  • Go to bed early and get a good night's sleep

Can you relate?  Leave a comment with your ideas on the topic!  And have yourself a wonderful day!