Since the age of 14 Amy has been a champion of all forms of eco-consciousness, animal conservation and more recent forays into marine conservation.

When she graduated from high school, Amy traveled to Washington DC to an environmental conference where she met the late River Phoenix and his family. Amy and the group stayed on to lobby for the environment & animal welfare. While traveling with the Phoenix family & friends on breaks throughout college, Amy’s commitment to the earth, health and animals was heightened.

Since she was a young girl, Amy has lived an environmentally conscious lifestyle and supports businesses that operate by this ideal.  She is an enthusiastic advocate for sustainable farming and effectively reducing our carbon footprint by making informed decisions about what we eat and what we buy. Here are the organizations and initiatives she is proud to actively support through monthly and annual donations:

WildAid, ASPCA, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), The Nature Conservancy, Farm Sanctuary,, and Children International. Amy is on the advisory board of the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

In 2013, Amy embarked on a journey with her partner, Taro Smith, to inspire and raise awareness for marine conservation by training underwater so she could be photographed practicing yoga with large marine animals such as whale sharks, manta rays, humpback whales, and dolphins. These awe-inspiring viral images are helping to spark action to protect marine wildlife.

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The 30 Day Yoga (And Eco) Challenge

Each month, Amy sets a month-long, eco-friendly habit to complement her 30-Day Yoga Challenge. The idea is for you to develop a green habit and ultimately adopt it beyond the 30-day challenge. Past challenges have encouraged members to bring their reusable tote bags to the markets, unplug appliances after using them, avoid purchasing and using single-use plastic, shopping farmers’ markets, and buying locally. To learn more or to pitch an idea of your own, check out this month’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge.

About the photographerTaro Smith is a photographer, artist, scientist, athlete, yogi, and conservationist. Taro was given his first underwater camera, a Nikonos V, at the age of 14. The camera represented a tool that could capture and compose his interests and is still in his possession. His initial photographic interest was to travel the world and capture human subjects alongside marine life. He later translated his underwater skills to filming expressions of human movement. He rotates his photographic interests from art to conservation to photojournalism and is known for his attention to detail.